February 15, 2024

Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Event: Earn Sticker Sets and Fill Out Albums

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Golden Blitz Monopoly GO events are the perfect opportunity to earn new sticker sets and fill out albums. The next Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO will take place from Feb. 15 at 10pm CT to Feb. 16 at 4am CT.

Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Event: Earn Sticker Sets and Fill Out Albums

What to Expect

This Golden Blitz event will feature Making a Splash and Pooch Perfect stickers. It was also the first Monopoly Origins album Golden Blitz event.

Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Schedule

In Monopoly GO!, Golden Blitz events do not have a set schedule. They become more common as the album's end date approaches, giving players a better chance to complete their collection. It is recommended to keep notifications on for Monopoly GO! on your device to receive updates when Golden Blitz is live.

Next Golden Blitz Event

The next Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO is expected to be sometime in February. The exact start date is not yet known, but it is important to stay updated by bookmarking this article.

What is Golden Blitz in Monopoly GO!?

Golden Blitz is a temporary event in Monopoly GO that allows players to exchange a pair of Gold Stickers. These stickers are pre-defined by the game developers for each event. The event usually lasts up to 24 hours or slightly longer. Players have the flexibility to trade these Gold Stickers for any other sticker in the game.

How to Get Gold Stickers

Gold Stickers can be obtained randomly from any Sticker Pack in Monopoly GO!. The chances of getting a Gold Sticker increase with the star rating of the pack. Keep opening packs and participating in Tournaments and Main Events to increase your chances of getting a Gold Sticker.

Trading During Golden Blitz

It is recommended to trade your spare Gold Stickers during Golden Blitz events. These stickers are in high demand and the event does not occur frequently. Take advantage of the opportunity to trade for stickers you need, as there is no guarantee they will be featured in future events.

Previous Golden Blitz Events

Since the release of the first 2024 Album, Monopoly Origins, there have not been any other Golden Blitz events in Monopoly GO. Stay tuned for updates on future events.

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