Your Best Valorant Betting Guide 2024

Valorant esports betting is among the most significant things happening on the esports betting scene. In this guide, find out everything there's to know about betting on this relatively new game rivaling the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Fortnite on both the esports scene and betting industry.

After its introduction in 2020, Valorant quickly became a favorite in the esports scene, and in no time, it started featuring on betting sites. Right now, it's one of the most popular esports that bettors wager on.

Your Best Valorant Betting Guide 2024
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Everything you need to know About Valorant

Everything you need to know About Valorant

Valorant is the latest video game by American developer and publisher Riot Games. This is the same video game mogul behind the online multiplayer battle arena franchise, League of Legends.

For starters, Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS hero video game available on Microsoft Windows. The free-to-play game relies on Unreal Engine 4, the best real-time 3D creation engine with excellent graphics and sound for the ultimate immersion. The game's development started in 2014 but was released officially on June 2, 2020.

The gameplay of Valorant

In Valorant, players take the role of agents in attack or defense. The object of the game depends on the mode. At the moment, this FPS has seven modes:

  • Unrated: Attacking team must detonate the bomb (Spike). This is a Bo25 match, so the first team to win 13 rounds takes the crown.
  • Spike Rush: This is a Bo7 match where all players in attack carry a Spike, but only one Spike can be activated each round.
  • Competitive: Teams alternate playing in defense and attack, and a win-based ranking system when players get ranks after five games is introduced.
  • Deathmatch: 14 players engage in a nine-minute battle. To win in this mode, players need to get 40 kills.
  • Snowball Fight: A Team Deathmatch mode where players need 50 kills to win.
  • Escalation: To win in this mode, a team must go through all 12 levels or be on a higher level than the opponent in 10 minutes.
  • Replication: The entire team plays as a randomly selected agent in a Bo9 match.
Everything you need to know About Valorant
Betting on Valorant esports

Betting on Valorant esports

Valorant betting has plenty of options and is quite similar to CS: GO betting markets. Below are the most popular choices:

  • Outright winner: Predict which team wins a tournament.
  • Match winner: Predict the team that wins a match.
  • Map winner: Predict the team that wins a map.
  • First blood: Predict the team that gets the first kill.
  • Spike plant: Predict whether or not the attackers will successfully detonate the bomb (Spike).
  • Spike defuse: Predict whether or not the defenders will successfully defuse the bomb (Spike).
  • Selected characters: Some sites allow players to bet on the characters that a team will choose.
  • Totals: Some bookies have over/under markets on various in-game statistics, for example, kills, spike plants, defuses, aces, and more.
  • Ace: Predict whether a single player will eliminate all the opponents single-handedly in one round.
  • Team ace: Predict whether each player will eliminate one player from the other team.

For the record, in Valorant betting, bettors can choose to bet before the match starts or when the game is underway (live betting).

Betting on Valorant esports
Valorant esports tournaments

Valorant esports tournaments

The best thing about Valorant is the vast number of tournaments and competitions all year round. This is also good news for bettors as they have online Valorant betting markets all year round. Interestingly, there are both men's and women's competitions cutting across A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and S-Tier events.

So, what are some of the best Valorant esports competitions to bet on?

Valorant Champions

Organized by Riot Games, Valorant Champions is the most prestigious Valorant tournament. The 2021 Valorant Champions was the inaugural tournament and attracted $1,000,000 prize money. This year, Riot Games will most probably host the event.

Ignition Series

The Valorant Ignition Series consists of several tournaments; for example, the Epulze Royal SEA Cup, Rise of Valour, FTW Summer Showdown, GGTech Invitational 2 - LAS, Cyber Games Arena Pacific Open, WePlay! VALORANT Invitational and BLAST Twitch Invitational.

First Strike

This tournament was the first major Valorant competition. The mission was to crown regional champions of the first-person shooter. This is also among the best Valorant matches to bet on.

The above are some of the biggest Valorant tournaments. Other worthy mentions include the Arena of Valor International Championship, Zotac Cup Valorant, Champions Tour Europe, Rivals Women's Cup, Champions Tour Turkey, Oceania Tour, Valorant Masters Cup, and Charge Gaming Valorant Cup.

Valorant esports tournaments
Valorant betting sites

Valorant betting sites

Valorant betting sites are increasingly becoming popular now that operators realize how big this game is. Esports bookies are rushing to add Valorant to the menu. Unfortunately, not all esports betting sites are worth checking out. So, how do bettors find the best Valorant esports betting app?

The first thing is to play at a licensed betting site. Verify that the site has a valid license before registering. Next, look out for the availability of Valorant bet markets. Some sites have plenty of markets all year round, while others cover the few top-tier events only. Another consideration is the banking options.

Players should make sure the available deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as currencies, favor them. Valorant bonuses are also worth checking out. As in other esport games, bookmakers have plenty of promotions and bonuses that bettors can claim.

For those who are not sure which are the best Valorant esports betting sites to join, Valorant betting experts have done the heavy lifting. They recommend Betwinner, 22BET, Betsson, William Hill, Leo Vegas 10Bet, and ComeOn.

Valorant betting sites
Best Valorant teams

Best Valorant teams

Valorant is undoubtedly going to be big. The video game orchestrating the fall of CS: GO, and Fortnite is attracting even the big esports teams. Several top esports teams have already joined the Valorant esports scene. Now, it's essential to know the best teams to bet on. Below you can find the biggest teams.


Definitely, the best team in Valorant is the winner of the biggest tournament, the Valorant Champions. The best team to bet on in Valorant is Acend, a European esports outfit. Even though the team had a not-so-good year at other events in 2021, they surprised everyone by winning the Valorant Champions 2021, knocking out the likes of Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Gambit Esports. Probably Acend will extend its dominance in 2022.

Gambit Esports

Formerly known as Gambit Gaming, Gambit Esports is the second-best Valorant clan. The Russian esports team has been dominant all year and performed well in the Valorant Champions 2021. Gambit knocked out X10 CRIT and KRU Esports only to fall to Acend in the finals. In 2022, expect Gambit to come out stronger.

Other good teams to bet on include Team Secret, Cloud9 Blue, Fnatic, KRU Esports, Team Liquid, Sentinels, 100 Thieves, G2 Esports, Team Vitality, TENSTAR, LDN UTD, and BIG.

Best Valorant teams
Pros and Cons of Valorant betting

Pros and Cons of Valorant betting

Like the two sides of a coin, Valorant esports betting has advantages and disadvantages. Below is the good side and bad side of betting on this game.


  • Availability of betting sites: While there were very few esports betting bookmakers with Valorant bets initially, today, there are plenty of Valorant betting sites.
  • Betting is fun: For Valorant fans, betting on their favorite teams can add some adrenaline when watching live streams.
  • Valorant betting bonuses: Bookmakers are splashing fantastic bonuses for eSports betting fans, including Valorant bettors.
  • Plenty of tournaments: Now that this game is the disruptive force in eSports, it boasts many tournaments. Bettors can be sure there will be Valorant markets all year long.


  • Lack of adequate data: For many of the low-tier events, it can be hard to find critical data such as the team's form, h2h, and so on.
  • Valorant bets are addictive: Betting on Valorant can be addictive, just like playing the game itself. Players must play responsibly to be on the safe side.
Pros and Cons of Valorant betting
Valorant betting odds

Valorant betting odds

Before getting into Valorant betting, gamblers must understand how odds work. The good thing is that Valorant odds function in the same way as the odds of other esports games on the betting scene. Basically, there are three odds formats.

  1. Decimal odds: Also known as European odds, this is the most popular Valorant odds format. To calculate the winnings, multiply the decimal odds by the stake
  2. Fractional odds: Also known as British or UK odds, this is the oldest odds format. As the name suggests, it's represented in fractions; there is a numerator and denominator. Some Valorant betting sites have fractional odds. The numerator (left) represents how much is won, while the denominator (right) is the stake
  3. Moneyline: Also known as American odds, here, the odds are represented as either negative (favorites) or positive (underdogs). Favorite odds (-) indicate the amount to be staked to win $100. Underdog odds (+) show the amount won for every $100 bet. Players get their stake back.

Some sites will have just one of these odds formats, but the best esport betting site gives players the choice of using their preferred odds format.

Valorant betting odds
Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

There are a few tips that can help players make better betting decisions in Valorant.

  1. First, make sure to follow Valorant competitions to be aware of when they are happening, the game formats, and participating teams. It's also essential to understand the best teams to bet on.
  2. Second, check out what the Valorant esport betting experts are saying. While such Varorant predictions may not be 100%, they can go a long way in helping.
  3. Last, be keen on the odds. The higher the odds, the lower the probability and vice versa. Bookmakers analyze the teams in-depth, so they are always right with the odds in most cases.
Tips and tricks
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