Top Dota 2 Betting Sites 2024

Dota 2 is one of those video games with a considerable following. Today (as of 2021), millions of players around the world connect with each other to have their fair share of the gameplay. In fact, at least 10 million people play this game every month. The game has a wealth of tournaments and leagues for players to compete in.

While the highest-level competitions are hosted by Valve, the game also supports many amateur and professional tournaments across the world. In addition to the numerous tournament cups, they support a regular season for every region. But what exactly is Dota 2, and what is it all about?

Top Dota 2 Betting Sites 2024
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Dota 2 Betting 2024: everything you need to know

Dota 2 is a product of Valve Corporation, a well-known company in the world of eSports. This multiplayer online battle arena is the stand-alone sequel to Dota, a community-created Warcraft III mod.

Dota 2's gameplay revolves around advanced resource-based units called heroes, which battle with opposing units controlled by players, typically in various combinations and against a computer-controlled enemy team or another human player.

The Gameplay

A Dota 2 match involves two five-player sides, and the objective of the game is to destroy the Ancient of the opponent. The Ancient is a large structure in the base of the opponents, and players must assault and fight through it before they can destroy it.

The first team to reach the Ancient must destroy it to win the game. The game can also be won when the time-based "jungle" objectives are completed.

Note that Dota 2 is a game in which it is almost impossible for one person to win on their own. It takes skill, timing, and teamwork to come out victorious. The game's popularity as a spectator sport comes from its tactical depth, the use of every player's ability, and the constant back-and-forth that creates unpredictability in each match.

Dota 2's genre

As mentioned earlier, Dota 2 is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) video game. The MOBA genre has become one of the most popular genres on PC games today, enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

With 100+ heroes to choose from, this video game offers many play styles for players who want to dominate the battlefield and look for competitive multiplayer gameplay in their favorite genre. The heroes can be unlocked and purchased with in-game currency or real money.

Betting on Dota 2

Dota is one of the most popular esports worldwide. With millions of people watching live streams and playing the game, it's no wonder that people from all over the world are interested in betting on Dota 2 matches. However, not many bettors know how to bet on this game. The first step is to learn some basics about why you want to invest your money into matches.

Where to bet on Dota 2

There are a lot of sportsbooks where you can bet on Dota 2. To find the best online sportsbook, you need to consider your needs and preferences. Factors such as how often you play and what kind of bets you want to place can all affect your decision.

Some people might want to choose an online sportsbook with an excellent interface, while others might be more interested in the number of bets they can make per day.

How to place a bet on Dota 2

There is a wide variety of ways to place your bets on Dota 2. You can either pick the winners based on your own strategy, or you may want to use Bet The Favorites, an intelligent bot that automatically collects user preferences, picks a team, and places a bet accordingly. All you need to do is provide it with your account details and let the bot do the rest.

Why is Dota popular?

Dota 2 is one of the most popular esports games in the world. It has become an essential part of the industry, with millions of fans tuning in for some serious competition on-screen. Since its release, this game has grown to become one of the most popular eSports games in the world.

Its popularity has increased over time, and it’s now one of Valve’s most played games all-time. Today (as of 2021), there are many Dota 2 tournaments where players lock horns. In this game, players assume the role of a summoned hero who fights against opposing players using various units and buildings placed on a map to gain territory. The main goal is to destroy the main building of the opposing team.

Internet community

The Dota 2 internet community comprises diverse people, ranging from professional and amateur players to fans. They come from all around the world, and they have a variety of backgrounds, interests, and levels of play. T

his makes for a wide range of interactions within the community that can yield new perspectives on how people think about the game. The community is also not homogeneous, with visible differences in age, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.

How is competitive Dota 2 played?

The gaming industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, and one of the most significant changes has been thanks to the internet and affordable gaming PCs. With the internet, you no longer need to visit a physical gaming zone to play Dota 2. That makes the game popular.

If you don't have a gaming PC, there is nothing to worry about, as you can play the game in the cloud. You could use your smart TV, a computer, or a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Just ensure that your device has enough RAM for the game to run smoothly. Additionally, you will need a reliable internet connection. And, don't forget to master your mouse and keyboard.

Reasons why Dota 2 betting is exciting:

Did you know that Dota 2 is the most played game on Steam? Well, that's true. Players love this game for many reasons:

  • Simple gameplay: The game's simple gameplay appeals to players because they can play competitively or casually. Most players don't want something that takes a lot of time and brain to master.
  • Competitive scene: The competitive scene of Dota 2 is something that players love because it is very intense and fun to watch. Besides, there are plenty of tournaments that are held every year where the winners get huge prizes.
  • Easy to get into: Dota 2 features no hidden cost or paywalls, which have made it so accessible for players from all walks of life.
  • Prizes: Dota 2 has gained popularity among eSports fans in recent years due to its huge prize pools generated from The International tournaments.

Is there a DOTA 2 championship?

The Dota 2 World Cup, also known as The International, is an annual international tournament that features 18 national teams. It is s one of the most popular annual eSports events in the world.

Dota Major Championships is another popular Dota 2 esport events which bettors enjoy placing their bets on.

The first Dota 2 World Cup was held in 2011 and was first organized by Valve Corporation, an American company that designs software products and owns the rights to its games.

The maiden finals were held at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The Dota 2 World Cup has become an enormous success since its inception. It attracts millions of viewers across the world.

Top ranking Dota 2 tournament countries in the world

Wondering what Dota 2 World Cup top-ranking countries are? Well, actually, this can be quite a puzzling question since there is a total of 18 teams from various countries around the world.

However, the rankings are established by Valve Corporation after considering multiple factors such as the number of participants in the tournament, prize money awarded, and team history. Based on such factors, some of the best ranking countries (or regions) in the tournament include the following:

  • China
  • South America
  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southeast Asia

Is The International a big tournament?

The Dota 2 World Cup is a two-week-long tournament that is hosted in a different country each year. The World Cup offers a prize pool of millions of dollars and attracts the world's top professional teams and players from all over the world.

The tournament is one of the most prestigious esports competitions and the most-watched eSport encounters in the world. It has been only ten years since the competition was inaugurated.

Still, the tournament's popularity cannot be underestimated if the prizes put up for grabs during the tournament are anything to go by.

Betting on the Dota 2 World Cup has been getting more popular with people looking for high yield, low-risk bets that offer an increased chance at winning without risking too much money, unlike traditional sports betting.

Dota 2 World Cup betting tips

If you find yourself struggling with deciding which bet to make, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Check the odds from multiple bookmakers to see who has the best offers
  • Do a detailed analysis of each team's performance (form, head-to-head, etc.) before placing your bet
  • Play responsibly and stake only what you afford to lose
  • Watch live streams to know how the matches unfold so that you can amend your bets

The best Dota 2 betting teams

In this esports game, players can be categorized according to their skill level and place in the rankings. One of the most important aspects of ranking is determining who are the most skilled players in the history of Dota 2.

The greatest Dota 2 players and teams of all time are often debated, but some notable names almost always make it on people's list. The following players are widely regarded as one of the best in the history of the sport.

  • Dendi
  • Arteezy
  • Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan
  • Clement "Puppey" Ivanov
  • Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi
  • Syed Sumail Hassan
  • Johan "N0tail" Sundstein
  • Miracle-
  • Puppey
  • Peter Dager (PPD)

Best teams at Dota 2 World Cup

Here are the winners since the tournament's inception.

  • 2011- Natus Vincere
  • 2021- Invictus Gaming
  • 2013- Alliance
  • 2014- Newbee
  • 2015- Evil Geniuses
  • 2016- Wings Gaming
  • 2017- Team Liquid
  • 2018- OG
  • 2019- OG
  • 2021- Team Spirit

As you can see, Team OG is the only team that has managed to win the tournament twice. The 2020 edition was also cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

And while some teams may not have won the tournament, they have been a constant threat to the winners, giving them a run of money in every edition. Some notable names in this respect include TNC Predator, Virtus.Pro, and Vici Gaming, to mention but a few.

Some of the best players to have graced the tournament include Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka, Topias "Topson" Miika Taavitsainen, Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan, N0tail, and Puppey, to mention but a few.

Find the perfect Dota 2 bookmakers

When it comes to esports betting online, there are many factors that we should consider before we decide on a site. These factors include: trust and safety, supported languages, deposit and withdrawal methods, and ease of use compared to the other sites in the market. You can also find some sites that offer free bets when you join their website.

They may not offer this for every single game, but they often do so when there is a big event, such as The International. As with any gambling, it’s important to research which dota bet sites are the best for your needs Some of the most popular sites that take bets on Dota 2 include the following:

  • Unibet: Perhaps the best if their live streaming option is anything to go by. The site also gives you live statistics.
  • Bet365: Tons of betting options and great odds.
  • Palmerbet: Here, you find several Dota 2 options daily
  • Betstar: Gives you the ability to build Dota 2 multis
  • PlayUp: Very mobile-friendly and one of the best platforms for newbies
  • Sportbet: An obvious choice for any Dota 2 enthusiasts

Other honorable mentions include Landbrokes, Neds, and Pickebet.

Which are the best teams in Dota 2?

The future of Dota 2 betting is looking bright, and many teams have the potential to win tournaments in the coming years. However, it's still hard to predict which teams will emerge victorious.

There are many factors to consider in choosing a team to bet on, so it's important to thoroughly research the attributes of each team before making a decision.

For example, you should analyze skill level and team history as well as any recent roster changes. Based on such factors, some of the best Dota 2 esport teams to bet on include TNC Predator, Virtus Pro, Evil Geniuses, and Team Secret.

TNC Predator

The TNC Predator is no surprise on any list of best Dota 2 teams to bet on. It is the shining star of Southeast Asia and has been consistently performing at a high level for quite some time now. And yes, no one can doubt the fact that Kim Gabbi is a beast in the jungle.

However, even the best performers in the trade have got their bad day, and as such, it is important to check the team's performance to ensure it's on a good streal before placing a bet.


Virtus.Pro was the first team to win The International 9 (TI 9). With an entirely new roster consisting of both experienced and young players, Virtus.Pro hopes to bring home another victory for betting enthusiasts in the near future. Winning any Dota 2 competition is an entirely realistic expectation for a team with such a good reputation.

Evil Geniuses

While Dota 2 may not have had it easy in North America recently is not a secret. However, despite the poor performance by most of the teams in the region, there is one team whose performance has been up there with some of the best.

It is called Evil Geniuses. In fact, the team has always had all it takes to square out with powerhouses in Europe. Evil Geniuses boast some of the best talents, so they're often your choice for betting on esports.

Team Secret

Team Secret is one of the most established eSports organizations in the world. They are based in Europe and have been around since 2014. They are often considered one of the best teams in the world, especially when it comes to Dota 2. Since its foundation, Team Secret has been one of the dominant outfits in the international scene.

Pros and Cons of Dota 2

A game of Dota 2's stature comes with both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Focused on strategy and teamwork: Dota 2 is a complex game and requires players to work together with other team members to defeat the opposing team. This is advantageous for companies looking for employees who can handle complex tasks and focus on their work instead of simply following orders.
  • Crossover audience: Dota 2 has an international audience, which makes it ideal for advertisers to target different regions and demographics.
  • A diverse community: The online community of the game is diverse, ranging from casual players to professionals who participate in high-profile tournaments.
  • Large prize pools: Dota 2 tournaments, such as The International, has been known to offer big prizes for winners. Many people would opt into professional Dota 2 gaming with the hope of winning such awards.
  • It is an easy game to learn and play.


  • A toxic game community that constantly tries to ruin other players' fun. This is something that many Dota 2 enthusiasts have complained about, but hopeful the problem will be fixed sooner than later
  • Although the game was designed with simplicity in mind, it can be daunting for first-time players because of how much information there is to take in at once.

Understanding Dota 2 betting odds

Dota 2 betting odds can either be fractional or decimal. As the name suggests, fractional odds are expressed as a fraction, while decimal odds are expressed as decimals. It's advisable to understand what these expressions mean before placing a bet.

Note that the odds can change at any time, depending on the prevailing circumstances regarding the match they represent. And, the can also change drastically, especially the live bets.

When you want to bet on Dota 2, you are faced with a variety of different types of bets that are available.

The most popular type is the straight bet, where you bet on a team to win or lose with no wagering. This type of bet can be used by sportsbooks or by predictors for data analytics. The next popular type is in-game wagers, which happen during a match and are typically created through a party system in-game.

The third type is the box bet, which allows players to predict the outcome of a specific in-game event, such as whether it will go over/under 200 kills in the match.

DOTA 2 betting tips & tricks

It is a highly competitive sport, and it is crucial to know the best ways to maximize your bets. There are a lot of Dota 2 esport betting tips, tricks, and strategies for getting an edge in the game. And while there is nothing like a guaranteed win in betting, you can raise reduce the house edge and stand a chance. Here are some tricks and tips that will help you on your journey as a Dota 2 bettor.

Bet with your head

just because you're emotionally attached to a particular team doesn't mean you should bet on it. The best thing is to look at the factors that are likely to affect the game's outcome and consider that when placing bets.

Analyze competing teams

One good thing about online esports betting is that luck is not the most critical factor in determining the outcomes. A proper analysis of every competing team would help you to make informed predictions. For instance, check the team's recent form, who they are facing, and table position and use such metrics to place your bets.

Look for the best odds in the market

Bookmakers tend to offer different odds because they are in competition. Nailing one or two with the best odds could be a wise thing, especially if you're looking to maximize wins (just in case there will be any).

Play on a Budget: One mistake that many Dota 2 bettors make is to spend more money on betting that they can afford to lose. This will only leave you frustrated.

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