November 9, 2023

Emil Larssen to Remain with Infinite Reality's LEC Team, Bringing Stability and New Lineup for 2024 Season

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Emil “Larssen” Larsson, the mid laner for Infinite Reality's LEC team, has reached a verbal agreement to remain with the organization for the upcoming season. This comes as a surprise, as Larssen was initially reported to have found an agreement with KOI in September, extending his contract for four more years. However, due to issues in the KOI-Infinite Reality partnership, Larssen decided to explore other options.

Emil Larssen to Remain with Infinite Reality's LEC Team, Bringing Stability and New Lineup for 2024 Season

Uncertainties and Negotiations

The termination of the collaboration between KOI and Infinite Reality led Larssen to break the verbal agreement on the contract extension. In late October, Larssen began actively seeking other teams, considering the uncertainties surrounding the future of the organization. KOI attempted to negotiate with players to retain key members of its roster, but the uncertainties in organizational budgets made negotiations impossible.

Offers from Other Teams

Larssen, known for his past achievements and talent, received interest from Excel Esports as well as other LEC and LCS teams during the off-season. Teams such as SK Gaming, Vitality, and FlyQuest were reportedly considering Larssen for their starting lineups. However, now that Larssen has verbally agreed to stay with Infinite Reality, other players who were put on hold due to Larssen's availability can now be considered.

Infinite Reality's Future

With Larssen set to remain, Infinite Reality's LEC team is looking to build its new lineup for the 2024 season. According to the GCD, top laner Szygenda and AD carry Comp are already contracted until 2025 and 2024 respectively. However, jungler Malrang and support Advienne have contracts expiring this year and are reportedly exploring new opportunities.

In conclusion, Larssen's decision to stay with Infinite Reality's LEC team brings stability to the organization and allows them to focus on building their new lineup for the upcoming season. It will be interesting to see how the team performs and what new branding they will introduce.

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