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Crafting the Sambuk Ship: Dominate the Seas with Devastating Firepower

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The Sambuk ship, also known as the Pyromaniac, is the ultimate endgame goal for any ship captain in Skull and Bones who wants to light the seas ablaze.

Crafting the Sambuk Ship: Dominate the Seas with Devastating Firepower

Obtaining the Sambuk Blueprint

To acquire the Sambuk blueprint, you must first reach the Cutthroat rank of Infamy, the second highest rank in the game. Once you have achieved this rank, you can purchase the blueprint from the Helm's Black Market for 5,000 pieces of eight. Yanita Nara, the barkeep at Le Mont Muet in Sainte-Anne, will sell you the blueprints if you have the required Infamy and coins.

Crafting the Sambuk

Once you have obtained the blueprints, you will need the following materials to craft the Sambuk:

  • 15 Greenheart Plank
  • 15 Magnetite Ingot
  • 12 Roselle Cloth
  • 4 Wood Tar
  • 4 Cogwheel
  • 2 Torsion Spring
  • Eels' Twine
  • 12,000 Silver

The Wood Tar, Cogwheel, and Torsion Springs can be looted and plundered from Le Compagnie ships and settlements. Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, visit the shipwright to construct your Sambuk.

Is the Sambuk Worth It?

If you enjoy close-quarters combat and dealing massive damage, then the Sambuk is definitely worth it. Its Scorched perk allows you to deal 5000 Burning damage when you apply the Ablaze effect to an enemy ship, and any ships that are Ablaze take 30 percent increased damage. Additionally, the Sambuk has multiple gunports, five furniture slots, and can be equipped with weapons in all major slots. However, it does have weaker hull strength compared to other DPS ships.

In conclusion, the Sambuk ship is a formidable vessel that rewards skilled captains with its devastating firepower. By obtaining the blueprint and gathering the necessary materials, you can craft this ship and dominate the seas in Skull and Bones.

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