February 13, 2024

Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout - New Features, Legend Upgrades, and Performance Mode

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Apex Legends is back with its fifth year of battles across the Outlands, and Season 20, Breakout, brings exciting gameplay changes for all the iconic legends. This season introduces a range of updates, including legend upgrades, reworked crafting and armor systems, the return of ranked reloaded, and more.

Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout - New Features, Legend Upgrades, and Performance Mode

Performance Mode

One of the major highlights of this season is the release of performance mode, which is now available to current-gen console players with 120Hz displays. With the new multithreaded rendering system, Apex can now run at a stable 120 FPS, offering enhanced visual quality on every map, including the new Thunderdome in the Mixtape playlist.

New Features

Breakout also introduces a community-created reward tracker and the new Straight Shot LTM. The Straight Shot LTM condenses the battle royale experience into smaller maps, eliminating the need for looting and allowing teams to quickly find fights. Additionally, the new requeue option exclusive to this game mode allows players to try again from the spectator screen.

Legend Upgrades

The Evo armor has evolved into legend armor, providing squads with more ways to reach the highest level in each round of the Apex Games. Damage, class actions, and new Evo harvesters help players progress through each level. At levels two and three, legends receive unique perks that further enhance their abilities and playstyle.

Ranked Reloaded

Ranked Reloaded makes a comeback from season 13, offering additional bonuses to players starting their competitive grind. New players can now participate earlier with a lowered account requirement from level 50 to 20. The season also removes provisional matches, promotional trials, and hidden skill rating matchmaking. Ranked splits return halfway through the season, and a new limitless cap on points earned from kills adds excitement to the competitive ladder.

Play Season 20

Apex Legends Season 20 is now available on all platforms. Don't miss out on the new legend changes and seasonal festivities. The battle pass will last for the standard three months, ending on May 13. Join the action and climb the competitive ladder in this thrilling season of Apex Legends!

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